Start the morning easily and happily. To do this, pick a Wake-up call that will have you be associated with something pleasant. In the morning take your time to get up, stretch like a cat, smile to new day. Try to get up early to a quiet mode to freshen up and have Breakfast. Well, if in the morning you will have time to do exercises, breathing exercises or yoga. So you charge the body with positive energy, and the whole day will be in a great mood.
Try not to be alone at home, thoughts of loneliness start to drive you crazy and even more depressed. But choose a positive team to communicate, because the society of people complaining about their lives, will only aggravate the situation. Be sure to get out to theatres, premieres of new films and other interesting for you social events. Read positive books, watch Comedy, in short do all the things that will lift your mood.
Start to pamper yourself, buy new clothes, shoes, a variety of delicacies. Thus try to avoid harmful excesses, for example, French fries, soft drinks, alcoholic cocktails. Well, if you start to eat rationally, it will not only be beneficial to the organism, but will increase your energy.
Sign up at the fitness club, choose the workout that you like: dancing, yoga, step, etc. Here you will not only meet like-minded people, but also casts a negative emotion, but instead get only positive and pleasant bliss in the muscles.
Use psychological ways to get rid of depression. Pronounce positive moods, they can be in large numbers to find in books and on the Internet. Choose for yourself a suitable affirmation, such as, "every day my life is improving", "I am happy", etc.