The first thing to do is to listen! If you notice symptoms of depression your loved one man, not wait for him to approach you and start a conversation yourself. Find out what was troubling him, when and why people feel bad. If you determine the cause of depression, it is much easier to deal with it.
Do everything you can in order to create a comfortable environment for personresiding in a depressed condition. If the cause of depression to eliminate is impossible for objective reasons, try to make it so that nothing about it reminded. And in any case it is not necessary to speak about the insignificance of the situation, the ease of solving the problem, because it may only aggravate the situation.
Not offer ready-made solutions to remedy the problem, but simply help your close to find a way out on their own, lightly pushing him to do so.
Engage the person in active. Invite him to swim in the pool or offer to do exercises together, go together fishing, hunting in the woods for mushrooms. Fresh air and exercise help to cope with depression.
Let your close person with something interesting. After all, you certainly know what he likes, what activities may give him the most pleasure. Offer to go shopping, do crafts, go to the Museum. There are many options available and your choice will depend only on your imagination and preferences of the humanbeing in depression.
If a person does not want to open up to you, then you can buy a good bottle of wine and box of chocolates. The alcohol will help him relax a bit and trust you and the snacks raise the mood. Most importantly, do not overdo it, because the consumption of alcohol and sugar in large quantities can adversely affect health.