Open a shop selling cosmetics. It can be called a female name, for example, Housewives or to be more sonorous and attractive title.
Diversify the range of shops: you can sell decorative and medical cosmetics, means on care of hair, nail, skin, etc.
Make interesting and attractive internal and external interior, make it into a single image style. Think of a slogan that defines the principle of operation of the store. It will be used in promotions and advertisements.
Untwist the store, leaving flyers about the products in hairdressers, beauty salons, etc. Publish ads in Newspapers and magazines.
Organize seasonal discounts, promotions for different groups of goods. Attract buyers promo trade from stalls in the streets.
Create an online shop on sales of cosmetics, if you have no funds or desire to rent a room and keep the staff sellers. Come up with an interesting web design or use the services of the master.
Provide the necessary information about each sold product, be guided by the average buyer. For writing advertising copy on the website for the sale of cosmetics you can use the services of an experienced copywriter.
Provide possible ways of delivery of cosmetics with its order via the Internet: by courier, mail, airmail, etc.
Consider ways to carry out customer payment: cash, transfer money to Bank account, cash on delivery etc.
Become a distributor of cosmetics one of the brand "Oriflame", "Oriflame", "Oriflame", etc. However, you will only get a percentage of sales of product that, with the increase in the number of customers you have attracted, will continue to grow.