Decide in their preferences. Your cat is black. Are you going to give to this fact attention? If you like the color of your new pet, you can use the simple classics: kid can be called Ember, Smokey, Blackie. Not satisfied with? Then go to the second option.
как назвать котом
Try to alter a simple Russian name or a nickname in a foreign manner. Name black or Blackie for the cat will sound more interesting than Blackie. Just take the Russian-English or any other dictionary and have fun. Still not the same? Then try to approach from the other side.
как назвать кота мальчика белого цвета
Play on superstition. Many people love black cats, but deep down habitually consider them a bad omen. Here, just feel free to let the imagination – Lucky or Lucky (eng. Lucky – lucky), you can think much to the name Zyroxin, a so – called God of longevity in sintoism.
как назвать котёнка- мальчик
Take a chance to borrow ideas from myths and legends. In any mythology, there are deities associated with black gods of the night or of the underworld. For example, I can remember about Pluto - the name belonged to the God of the underworld (by the way, Pluto was called a coal-black cat, a character in the famous story By Edgar Allan PoE). The name Hades also sounds good. Lucifer – also a strong name. Most importantly – think, would not to strain or hurt your family in some sense the religious name of a kitten.
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Treat the new household with humor. Kitten - a small, fun, future, unique and attractive black cat. It can be anything, so why couldn't he be a reason to smile? Get home of his personal Batman or call the little Black cloak. At the end of it all, black kitten named Snowball or ginger certainly be a great reason to smile!
название для кота вислоухого шотландца