Advice 1: How to make brine

Brine is another kind of shellfish, such as edible, like mussels. Like all seafood, brine remain on taste of the Amateur, but have a high biological value to the body. Meat shellfish contains high amounts of trace elements such as iron, calcium, pure iodine, phosphorus.
How to make brine
You will need
    • Brine;
    • the rest of the ingredients depending on the recipe.
The first problem that you will encounter in cooking shellfish is to remove them from the shell. There are several ways: 1. This method is used directly to remove the clam from the surface of its habitat. Holding the shell in your left hand, put your finger big hand between the wall of the shell and the "foot" and a sharp breakthrough extract content. But this method is only applicable for large shellfish (6-7 cm).
2. Digestion. Not a very pleasant way to smell, as in boiling brine emit a rather specific and unpleasant smell. But if you shake the clam itself falls out of the shell.
There is only the front part of the cochlea.
Salad with shellfish:
Ingredients: cooked shellfish meat, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, corn, salt.1. Slice the meat shellfish and fry in a pan.
2. Vegetables cut and put in the dish. Open the corn, drain the water and add to vegetables.
Add roasted brine, salt and season everything with olive oil.
Baked brine.
Ingredients: brine (with a sink), mayonnaise, cheese, garlic, salt. 1. Thoroughly rinse the shells of shellfish. Gently remove the "door" shellfish and wash the inside;
2. Boil water, add salt and put the brine in it. Boil brine for 3-4 minutes. Drain and cool slightly;
3. Remove the shellfish meat from the shell and remove the stomach (he long black);
4. Lower the remaining meat Rapana back into the shell. Mix the mayonnaise with the garlic and place over the meat of Rapana. On top sprinkle all grated cheese. Bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven at a low temperature.
Cold appetizer of meat shellfish:
Ingredients: meat, shellfish, onions, seasoning for fish, lemon juice with pulp.1. Shellfish meat cut into strips. Spread in a dish, put the onions, sliced rings. Pour spices for fish (to taste) and lemon juice, stir.
2. Set overnight in refrigerator. Cold food is ready.
Do not use in cooking the brine collected from the shore

Advice 2 : What can be cooked from meat shellfish

Brine – a kind of shellfish that are found in sea water. And it is a beautiful sink and a few grams of meat diet that is rich in a large number of iodine, iron, calcium and other minerals. With proper preparation of shellfish produce unusual and delicious.
What can be cooked from meat shellfish

Before to start cooking shellfish, they need to be properly cut: namely, to clean from the shell. This can be done in several ways. First, gently break the shell with a hammer and clear the contents. Second, swipe on the water, and then, when the body of a mollusk a little look outside, get it with a fork. And thirdly, it is possible to shellfish boil for 1-2 minutes, then remove them from the shell. Then from the body need to separate the stomach, intestines and rinse the meat under running water. Only then can you start cooking.

Brine with rice and vegetables

Boiled and finely chopped brine lightly fry in olive oil with onions, carrots, and red bell peppers. Then add salt to taste, add pre-cooked rice and carefully stir until smooth. To the table the dish can be served with finely chopped parsley and white wine.

Braised brine

Body shellfish it is necessary to boil until soft in lightly salted water, then cut into two pieces and fry in olive oil with onions and carrots. As soon as shellfish meat becomes soft enough, add a little mayonnaise, bring all to a boil and turn off the heat so that the seafood won't be too hard.

Salad with shellfish

Rapana cooked meat cut into strips, then add chopped cucumber, grated cheese and a few boiled eggs. Season with salt, drizzle with a few drops of lemon and gently mix with the mayonnaise. Optionally, you can substitute additional salad ingredients boiled rice and canned corn.

Chops meat shellfish

Shellfish meat slightly repel, salt, pepper, pour the beaten egg and put on 10-20 minutes in the fridge. Then fry them in olive oil, pre-paniova in flour. You can serve with rice or roasted vegetables.

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