You will need
    • halibut fillets;
    • salt
    • pepper
    • spices;
    • vegetable oil.
Before how to cook halibut fillet, unfreeze it. This is best done at room temperature, so defrost in a microwave oven sometimes the bottom layer of meat manages to boil until, until the top layer melts. View of frozen fillets, which can be dry or icy glaze on the quality of the process is not affected. Accelerates the immersion of fish in water, but with this method of it washed out all the juices and it becomes dry and hard.
After the fillets are ready to eat, rinse and brush with mixture of salt, spices and vegetable oil. As spices can use black pepper, herbes de Provence, marjoram. You can buy in the store ready set of spices for cooking fish.
After fillet marinated for a couple of hours, is to cut it into portions. Then, you should dip the fish in mixture of beaten eggs with salt.
In further preparation of halibut depends on the taste preferences of the hostess. You can use breadcrumbs or flour. To do this, the breading material is poured in a pile on a flat plate and it falls off evenly a piece of fillet on all sides.
Light the burner and put it on a pan with vegetable oil. It is best to use oil without smell, otherwise when frying fish aroma will permeate not only the whole kitchen but also other rooms of the apartment. Once the oil is sufficiently hot, put in a pan fillet the seams. Their frying on the one hand takes several minutes. Then flip fish to other side and fry it until smooth crust. Thus, to obtain a gentle and delicious dishes takes five to seven minutes.