The first thing you need when writing a poem about love, it is really to be a very loving person. Only then will wish to give a loved one a few lines, which would all a huge feeling that you feel about him.
The second necessary condition to learn how to make rhymes. To do this, first choose the words you want to put at the end of lines and it to come up with a rhyme. She will be born at the expense of endings in words. Write it all down on a leaf. Carefully reread, say it out loud. Those phrases where you think the ending of the match is perfect and the words fit the meaning, I can leave.
If you see that the second condition you do not, that is one option. Now on some sites there are original computer programs that help you to choose the rhyme to the words. They contain special database of rhymes. You can use these tips.
Picking up a beautiful rhyme, you need to determine the rhythm. You, of course, the school heard that there are iambs, trochees, anapests and amphibrach. But in order not to go back to school, you can just remember that all rhythms are made up of stop – these are small steps, repeated with a certain interval. They come in two syllables, i.e. consist of two syllables. There are trisyllabic and longer. Here what size of repetitions for one verse you choose, such a rhythm you will. And in the name of this rhythm at first, you can not penetrate.
Now you need to decorate the poem with various epithets, metaphors and other literary stuff. Here too it is necessary to think that all these additions have come to key words, combine with each other and expressed your sincere feelings.
Learn your poem by heart and read beloved. It will add romance to your relationship and you will see happiness in his eyes.