To start, gather your thoughts, remember everything you were taught in driving school. If you know all the rules, signs and markings, you will not be difficult. Just confidence and determination. Don't be afraid of other road users, they also fear. If sitting next to you the instructor or a competent driver with experience, he will be able to correct and explain errors. But if you sit behind the wheel for the first time alone, then be careful, do not be nervous and do not be afraid. It would distract from driving.
Be sure to put on the car sign student. At the moment it is a yellow square with a black exclamation mark. The letter "U" is better not to use because it assumes the presence of a second set of pedals for the instructor.
Before to go somewhere, define a route on the map or ask friends drivers. It was only later, when you're an ACE, you will drive to unfamiliar places without looking at a map. But first, to lay a rough route in my head. Identify a place where you want to go: gas station, shop or work.
Actually, for the first time more suited to a big Playground where you can practice riding. For convenience, you can set the stick or bottle that you will be visible. Practice the exercises that you passed (or not passed) at the driving school: snake, parallel Parking, check in the box, etc.
So the car is ready, the route is laid. Before you start, adjust all mirrors, check lights and dimensions. Move better in the right lane at a speed of 30-40 km/h So you will not create a nuisance to other road users, and you will be calmer.