Understand that fear is normal. You have the right to worry and even panic from remembering the driver's seat, the steering wheel and the busy traffic on the roads. Tugging himself, and the more tormented with guilt over his supposed weaknesses, you will make it worse. Realizing that fear is a normal reaction to potential danger, try to calm yourself. Make sure you perfectly remember all the rules of the road and have all the skills of driving.
Do not give up travel just because you're afraid to get behind the wheel. Fear will eventually become only stronger. Find a good instructor in a driving school or ask one of your friends drivers to help you. At first, you can sit in the passenger seat, and the driver will explain to you every maneuver. Then they get behind the wheel and try to ride with the instructor in a closed court, where there are no cars. Then drive with an experienced driver in the city, choosing the road and time so that the movement was not busy. Go on a short trip, and then gradually increase their duration.
Swipe one simple ritual that helps you calm down. Sit in the car, put your hands on the wheel, close your eyes. Breathe smoothly and quietly, try to rid himself of unpleasant thoughts. When you feel that calmed down a bit, open your eyes and start the motor. You're still not going anywhere, so do not panic. Let's sit in the car, listening to the sound of the engine. If you were able to calm down, try a little ride. If not – turn off the engine and return to exercise within a few hours.
Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Fear will block your actions will force you to stand still without movement, and it is very dangerous, especially if you are driving. Stalled at the traffic lights? Turn on the emergency lights and start the motor again. If the windshield and rear window of your car there are signs indicating that the driver is a beginner, other road users will treat your issue with understanding. Every miss rate as a chance to gain valuable experience: remembering his mistake, you will be able to avoid.