You will need
  • - the tape or the tape;
  • - table size;
  • - a Bicycle.
Mountain or city bike pick up, given his height according to table. If your height was on the border of the two recommended sizes, note whether the designed suspension seatpost. Because it is not possible to lower the saddle until the end, if any choose bike smaller.
For traveling long distances buy road bike, it has a high top tube. When choosing frames, keep in mind apart from growth, the size of the top and seat tube. Stand next to the bike – the distance between groin and top tube should be at least 5-8 cm (this is especially important for men).
When choosing a children's bike, consider not only growth, but also age (though, if your child is growing faster than average rates, choose a bike larger). It is very convenient to use a Bicycle with adjustable saddle height and steering – in this case, the technique will serve not one year. Pay attention to the shape of your frame will be located below than the upper pipe, the safer it will be riding, as the child can jump from the saddle in case of loss of control.
For active and extreme skiing choose a frame smaller than for a quiet ride on a flat road because the bike will be more nimble and manageable.
If you are a slim build, take a bike with a big bike, for a full better to choose the technique on the smaller size – easier to steer, to get in and out. In addition, has a value of length of arms and legs: if you have short hands or feet, better buy a bike smaller or select equipment with minimal stem and the ability to drop the saddle as low as possible.
When buying ask permission to sit on the bike and a bit to go. The size of the frame you may nominally be suitable, but you will feel the discomfort while riding – in that case, give up the purchase, do not expect that, over time, you will be able to get used to the awkward position.