You will need
  • - magnet;
  • - salt;
  • water;
  • - needle files;
  • - emery;
  • - copper sulphate;
  • - a glass of water;
  • - spectrograph
The most common way to determine stainless steel - evaluate how it interacts with the magnet. Composition of stainless steel allows it to "magnetic" only under the influence of the eddy currents.In normal conditions stainless steel indifferent to the magnetic field.
Because, as the name suggests, the stainless steel resistant to rust, need to check it from this point of view.You need to make a concentrated solution of salt in water. Then put him in a suit of steel. The next day, you can evaluate the result.The product of stainless steel is covered with rust.
To check stainless steel for authenticity, you can use a needle file. This tool should be held across the slice product several times. If you ground off the surface will be yellow, so is the brass.
There is another way to check.Must be removed from the surface of the metal product layer with the aid of emery. Then apply to "stripped" the surface of the copper sulphate.If the product is stainless steel, the color will not change. Any other metal will change color.
If the product was supposedly stainless steel, lasts long enough to determine sockeye and whether this is in appearance.For stainless steel characterized by the absence of cheshuichatoe, i.e., delamination and tears in the outer coating of the product. Products from such material generally retains its original good looks.
In addition, the products of stainless steel, with visible traces of processing. In order to distinguish them - will need a microscope.The more increase, the more noticeable tracks.
Finally to ensure that the product is stainless steel, you should use the knowledge of physical laws. One of them reads: "a body placed in the glass pushes the water in accordance with the order, from which it was made." Must be placed in a glass steel detail. Then, knowing how much weight the product, calculate the mass of water flowed from the glass. After that, you need to compare the data with table, stainless steel. The result will be the answer to the question about the material from which made the product.