You will need
  • Drywall, sliding doors, guides, tools, fittings, straps, screws, paint, nails, tape measure, pencil, sheet of paper.
Before making a closet, you have to imagine what it will be. To do this, look through relevant journals that have suitable ideas. Now you can start compiling your own project. Carefully obmerte all sizes where will be located wardrobe. Then draw on a sheet of drawing paper, noting all dimensions.
The depth of the closet should be not less than 70 cm If you intend to mount in your wardrobe you can light source, mark the proposed location with a pencil on the wall.
How to make a closet
Then mark directly on the wall, where there will be two side walls of your closet. You can begin the installation. The side walls can be made of two or four bars in several ways. For example, you can build frames side walls of the cupboards on the floor and then attach to the wall. But you can just nail the boards to the side walls of the Cabinet to the wall.
Then mark the place where will be located the center of the Cabinet. Better check the markings with a plumb. So the design was more reliable, additionally attach it with nails to the floor and ceiling. Then two or four rails make the door frame. Next, cut the drywall to size and attach the finished leaves to the side walls of the wardrobe. Do not forget to take out the wire contacts of the current source, if the closet is light.
How to make a closet
Now seal all the seams before painting the Cabinet. Secure the top and bottom of the door opening guides, get them in the door. Install a clothes rod, and then divide the section height by 2 - 4 parts. Install desired shelves. Used wardrobe essential hardware attach the frames to the drawers, do the light. Color wardrobe. When the paint dries, they can use it.
How to make a closet