Measure the height of the opening (opening). The measuring system produce, in several places, with a pitch of about 600-700 mm. height Difference should be no more than 15 mm. For the height of the opening, choose the minimum height value. Make sure no draft floor, otherwise door coupe will roll.
Measure the width of the opening (W opening). In the same way as in the previous paragraph, the width of the opening measure in several places. Allowable variation is 20 mm, the width take the highest value (considered the standard case to-doorcoupé, which move perpendicular to the side walls).
Measure the opening depth (D opening). To do this, first determine the brand that you take. Next, you need to know the width of the guides of the doors-coupe. Usually it is about 82 mm., Then the minimum depth of the opening will be too 82 mm. However, it is necessary to leave a margin for adjustment of 10-15mm. Hence, in this example, the depth of the opening will be 100mm.
Calculation of size-doorcoupe:
Height door-coupe (DV) count according to the formula:
DV = In the opening 40 mm.
The width of the door-coupé (W DV), consider the formula:
(a) For two doors:
Ø DV = (W opening + 20 mm)/2 (20mm is the size to fit Schlegel first overlap doors).
b) For the three doors:
Ø DV = (W of the aperture + 40 mm)/3, (40mm is the size of the two doors overlap).
C) For the four doors:
Ø DV = (W of the aperture + 40 mm)/4, (40mm is the size of the two doors overlap).
Four - door-coupe can be positioned in different ways- as the two overlap (this is the more popular option), and with three overlaps.
The length of the guides (D eg) for built-in cabinets, consider the formula:
E.g. d= ø of hole is 2 mm
Reduce the length for ease of installation.
The length of the guides (D eg) for basic cabinets is considered to be according to the formula:
D eg= ø aperture +40 mm.
The increase of 40 mm is necessary, to adjust the size at the installation site, because the spacecraft, the size of the top and bottom rails is usually different. The algorithm for calculating the width of the door compartment is only suitable for straight cabinets. In the case of angular structures need special programs for modeling.