First analyze human error. Perhaps the seller (Manager, consultant) for goods/services not working properly. This may be due to the fact that he is not very interested in the job or his qualifications is too low. Listen to his conversation with the buyer, visit several times and business negotiation.
Draw yourself a client. Complete the full cycle of purchasing goods/services. Perhaps there are some facts that may not please people. Eliminate them. It could be bad maintenance, long delivery time, lack of support, plain packaging and more.
Upgrade logo and slogan. They should be bright and original. Consult with advertising firm if you are not confident in their abilities. Increase the brand awareness.
This can be done in various ways. Spend promotions on the streets of your town, advertise on popular resources in the network, do some outdoor advertising.
Make sure that each client became a regular. To do this, spend promotions to customers, send out holiday greetings or occasionally talk on the phone with them. Remind about yourself as often as possible.
Engage each employee to do their job as best as possible. Set bonuses and penalties, control them. If the staff will perform its job well, dissatisfied customers will be less (or even not). Word of mouth brings customers more than any advertising. To meet the needs of each customer – and then the flow of customers will increase day by day.
Expand the range of services. So that the person could obtain in your organization, not just a commodity, but also everything you might need for it. For example, transportation, replacement parts, warranty service.