Make analysis of your competitors, their techniques and ways of attracting attention to themselves. Learn their strengths weaknesses and strengths. At last, pay special attention.
Research your own target audience. Try to understand just what attracts your services are regular visitors and buyers.
Spend energy, time and money on proper advertising. If you say on every corner. Can bad but it's important to speak.
Review wishes both permanent and casual customers. Consider them all possible.
Start to apply all those methods of engagement, which is successfully used to competing with you firms and companies.
Do not rush to bring down prices. Hurry to enter different systems of discounts available at special times. Define the appropriate time depending on what you want to focus on attendance or costs. In the first case, boldly assign a preferred clock for most quiet time. However in this case, the increase in the number of clients will be a maximum of 2%. If you enter discounts in the demand for your product time, due to the increase in total turnover of goods and a large number of attracted clients you will receive a significant (40%) addition to permanent target audience.
Enter the discount and various benefits for regular customers. Let the consumers of your product aim to become one of them.
Give gifts and different pleasant trifles. Even a cheap notebook from the exclusive party, ordered your company to attract the customer. If you are the owner of a cafe or restaurant, the role of the notebook will serve alcohol.
Give two products for the price of one. Only enter a limit to the circle of those to whom the product is submitted to such conditions.
Keep the mutual respect and do not rush to throw mud at someone who is your competitor.