Advice 1: How to determine at the first meeting, prospective client

Sometimes when first meeting with a potential client can be quite difficult to determine how promising your future and mutually beneficial cooperation in a particular area. However, there are a few simple rules for a good leader, timely which can help determine the results of the first interview, if the next prospective client.
How to determine at the first meeting, prospective client
Always have at hand a constantly updated list of firms and individuals whose cooperation can be fruitful for your organization. If a potential client is not in this list, alone or with the assistance of the security service of the company collect about him all the necessary information.
Pay attention to how punctual the client, who appeared to you on the first interview. If it ifwas more than half an hour before the scheduled time, it may speak in the first place that it has an excess of free time and most likely, you are one of the first major customers or partners. If he was late more than 10 minutes, this does not indicate its availability for work (usually serious business people advance timing), and lack of organization, and what usually follows is unreliable.
Always remember that looks can be deceiving. Well-groomed and dressed man may be a sly con man, and an invisible, bespectacled man in jeans and sweater easily roll out millions.
First give a potential customer a few questions directly concerning his motives to cooperate with you. Motives can be different: practical people usually do in their arguments about the prospects of the contract, the emphasis on logic withrank (safety and benefits). Newcomers often can somewhat deviate from the topic and start talking about the emotional component of the future cooperation, convenience, desire to cooperate with you). In any case, try not to go on about the customer and not to succumb to flattery and persuasion.
Ask the client several questions, not directly related to discussing your contract. This will help you to determine how widely can be used in the future ability of the client.
Offer him one or two situations of your future cooperation, in order to evaluate the speed of his reaction and decide for yourself whether to entrust him hope in the case of force majeure.
Pay attention to how the client behaves when talking about money. Too anxious or too calm, the client may be potentially dangerous.

Advice 2 : What questions to ask the interview when applying for a job in the Bank

At the interview when applying for a job in the Bank the applicant is usually asked to not only typical issues related to quality, experience, skills, but also a number of specific questions. In particular, there are often issues related to the Bank itself identified the motives of the candidate, offers a variety of tests.
What questions to ask the interview when applying for a job in the Bank
When applying for a job in a Bank, all candidates go through several interviews from various officials. In particular, the individual interview is usually satisfied in the personnel Department, with the head of a specific Department, for work which is claimed by the applicant. Sometimes at the final stage of selection of the future employee is offered to be interviewed by the head (Deputy head) of the entire credit institution or its structural unit. Each of these interviews will be asked different questions, and some of them may be radically different from the typical questions that can be heard in any other company.

Specific questions for the candidates when applying for a job in a Bank

In the Department of personnel to candidates for any post in the Bank may ask questions about the Bank, its market position, the features of the activities. The answers to these questions will help to identify the degree of interest of the applicant in a specific credit institution, its General knowledge of the financial market, the degree of preparedness for future work.

Also asked often about the motives that push a person to work in the banking sector (usually this occurs during the initial employment in a Bank). If job seekers have previously worked in other banks, it will ask on his official duties, relationship with management, the reasons for the dismissal. Only clear answers to these questions will allow you to obtain the invitation for a second interview, which usually holds the head a specific Department where arranged by the applicant.

I'm asking in the secondary interview when applying for a job in the Bank

The purpose of the second interview is the identification of the competencies and special skills of the candidate. Methods of detection in different banks may differ, sometimes applicants gets a full exam. In addition, at this stage, usually offer undergo several tests which will also help to identify personal and professional characteristics of a person, to draw conclusions about its ability to work in a particular team.

Many candidates for the Bank fear of inspections of security, however, such inspections are usually conducted without direct participation of the applicant, and the related questions he did not ask, because they use additional sources of information. After passing the second interview is usually the final decision about admission of the applicant for employment or refusal of employment.

Advice 3 : How to prepare for the interview with the employer for the position of sales assistant

Sales is the face of your company. When choosing a vacancy of a sales assistant, you need to present yourself at the interview, demonstrating your best qualities and skills. And then the result of your efforts will be the long-awaited invitation to work.
How to prepare for the interview with the employer for the position of sales assistant

Who is the seller-consultant. Gathering information about jobs

Sales is a kind of lifesaver for the buyer, lost among the abundance of goods and services. The living advertisement of a product.

Therefore, the first step to the perfect interview is the study of the products and services provided by the company-employer. Visit the website of a potential employer, read reviews about the company. Feel free to ask acquaintances whether they used such services or goods. You can buy some products for yourself to appreciate its quality.

In the interview mention that you have used the services or products of the company, and correctly tell us the pros and cons of certain services/goods at your discretion.

Presentation appearance

The seller-consultant must have a flawless appearance. Most consultants wear uniforms with their company logo. Show off your sense of style and respect to clothing, appearing for the interview in a clean pressed business suit. It could be a white shirt with a MIDI skirt (knee length, short is considered bad manners), and jacket with pants.

Official clothing does not imply flashy shades, so choose calm pastel colors. Matte blue color, beige or light gray.

The same applies to jewelry. It is undesirable to abuse the number of rings and bracelets, as well as the length of the earrings. Ideal modest ornaments of gold or silver. To describe you as punctual and stylish, a person will watch. Choose a model without rhinestones and frivolous hearts on the bracelet.

For any employer apart from clothes an important component of a good employee is well groomed. Clean skin, neat nails, stylish hair...

It is considered that if the person is careful with his appearance, he also collected and careful work. With such a man to work a pleasure.

It as the main tool sales assistant

Seller-consultant in the course of their work have much to say, explaining to the buyer the quality and function of certain goods, etc.

Preparing for the interview, listen to his speech. Try to tell something about the tube of toothpaste, for example. Record yourself on video. It should be clear and meaningful. Avoid words-parasites and stretching breaks ("it's like", "Ah", "uh-uh", etc.).

Learn to speak clearly by using tongue twisters. In Soviet times, people practiced the speech, pronouncing words with walnuts in his mouth. You need to put in each cheek in the nuts and say as long as the words do not acquire a distinct sound. Try also to read aloud some poem.

At the interview try to speak confidently. Look directly at the employer, not at the floor or ceiling. Welcome friendly smile, but without familiarity.

Stay relaxed, but not sloppily. Stick to open postures and gestures. Look at the leading weather forecast and try to use the same gestures - the location of the elbows at some distance from the body, calm the movement of your palms, smooth movement of the housing etc.

Not superfluous in the interview will be your positive attitude. Each successful outcome, imagine is already work in the selected company. Stay with dignity, and you will want to cooperate in the future.
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