Most often this situation occurs if the client is not the actual purchase, that is, a clear need has not been articulated. Yet it happens because at the current stage of the country's economy is in a very precarious condition and customer preference for cheaper goods. Also, it often happens that the client is currently only considering options that is looking for an alternative. But maybe the reason is that the managers of your company are unable to show the excellent level of service and customers do not realize the value of working with your company or even had past negative experience with your company.

The biggest mistake that takes place in the future – client, just looking, eventually depriving yourself of the chance to further cooperation with him.

Many believe that if the customer left, then it is not ours. In fact, if done a lot of work already established at least some contact, then the work should not be spent in vain. Most likely, if a customer were to contact, then your company put in the mind of the client a good picture and left a great impression, hence the cooperation can become a reality.

First of all, never show their discontent regarding the fact that today the deal did not materialize, stay completely calm. And in the future, just sometimes reminded him of himself, once contact is never interrupted.

Try the client to find out the cause of a failure. Very often it turns out that your company did not. But if you know exactly what the client went to a competitor, then be sure to find out why. Analyze the cause and make the necessary conclusions, so as not to get into a similar situation in the future.

If the failed client your services or product today not relevant, then ask them to recommend you to their friends who may be interested in your company.

Follow the development of the client if he has opened a new website or company celebrated its 20th anniversary, be sure to congratulate. Do not have to send a bouquet of flowers, you can just call on the phone or even to congratulate on a social network.

Never forget to remind yourself, inform about upcoming promotions and possible discounts, maybe today the client has matured and will make their first purchase from your company.