You will need
  • phone;
  • computer;
  • - the Internet.
In the world of Finance works of the law "Time is money". Therefore, your primary task is to show the client that your proposal is unique and extremely promising. Only in this case, he decides to give you the time and come to the meeting.
To appoint a meeting with a client you can call a potential buyer or send him an invitation by e-mail. Each method has its pros and cons.
When you call the client, hearing his reaction, unable to adjust their strategy during a conversation. It increases your chances to get a positive response, provided that the client is familiar with you and your products. At the mere name of your company in his mind immediately emerge a bright positive way, and he's coming to the meeting. But the man who never anything of your assortment even seen, by a telephone call to invite more complicated. After all, is very vague for what he needs to put everything aside and go to you.
Therefore, to invite new customers to use the Internet. First, this way you will be able to invite not one but several clients and arrange an extended meeting. Second, a person will have an opportunity to think, study your invitation more closely and come back to it later. Third, you can simplify the customer task, putting the invitation is not only a place and time of the meeting, but also directions, your contact number and other useful data.
If you decide to invite to meeting customer's loyalty through a phone call in advance, plan your conversation. After the obligatory greetings and General questions (how is your progress? how's the family? etc.), go to the purpose of the call, but do not hurry to reveal all the cards.
Often not wanting to go to a meeting, the client, after hearing the proposal, says: "I would love to come, but busy at this time". So first ask your buyer what he is doing on a particular day. Making sure that the client is free, tell him about the subject of your future meetings.
But each customer in your product attracts a particular set of characteristics. So be sure to get a notebook in which to note the preferences and wishes of your customers. This will greatly enhance your work efficiency. Because in each case you will carry not General information, but information that will really interest your customer.
This principle is maintained in electronic invitations. If you have little customers, make an individual invitation for each with the features of demand.
Inviting a new client, we will state the basic information about the benefits of the product and the benefits of the current proposal.In the initial stages of work it is better to take inspiration or copy the is designed for your company's experienced specialists.