To start with the written form of the agreement. You can start from loan amount or location of the borrower. Agree, a small amount to a close relative you will not borrow, demanding the execution of the loan agreement with notarial certification. In this case, it is enough simplified form of the contract - have created yourself debt deal. But the simplicity of this document must not be misleading. This document, drawn up in simple written form, without certification by a notary, is accepted by courts as evidence of the transaction. Sample debt deal, you can see by clicking on the link at the end of the article.
If the amount of debt exceeds the tenfold size of the minimum wage, you will need to draw up a loan agreement in writing. In addition, the design of such a contract it is best to trust the notary. The loan agreement will be considered concluded from the moment of transfer of funds under article 807 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The process of transfer will also be better to produce in the presence of a notary witness the transaction. In this case, the contract will be drawn up in three copies. The first of which will be transferred to the borrower, the second borrower and a third will remain with the notary. The sample loan agreement you can see by clicking on the address specified at the end of the article.
And yet, if you doubt that the debt will be repaid on time, and the amount is large enough, make a contract of pledge providing for the protection of the interests of the lender. Or to make a loan contract with collateral. This is a powerful incentive for the debtor to get back the full amount. And the lender this document gives the reason not to worry about the repayment of monetary debt because he can always count on alienation in favor of the debtor's property. The form of the pledge agreement you will also be able to explore by clicking on the link at the end of the article.