Under the law, it can be made in the case if the amount of the transferred funds more than one thousand rubles. In addition, the receipt does not require mandatory notarization. But, if you are afraid to trust their money, it is best to contact a lawyer, then you will not face the fact of forgery of the signature. In addition to the notary to certify the receipt can the signatures of two witnesses, who will give the document legal validity.
If a receipt will be issued without witnesses and a lawyer, if you experience problems with the return of the money, you will have to refer to the experts on handwriting. Not to bring the case to this, it is better to issue the document as appropriate immediately.
The receipt drawn up in free form. It should contain: full name, passport details, residential address the lender and the borrower, based on the provision of money and the amount of the transferred funds. Then it is necessary to indicate that the document drawn up and signed without any claims to each other and in absolute agreement of the parties.
In addition, the receipt should contain date of its drawing up and all the details in terms of refund and interest.