Features of the credit into Yandex.Money

Today to loan cash through the Bank and electronic money. These services are quite popular, as they allow to take the credit in a short time and with the minimum package of documents.

Difference platform Yandex.Money from WebMoney is that the site itself is no suggestion in lending. These services are only offered as independent services. The most likely reason is that to have a purse Yandex.The money easier. WebMoney is requested scans of documents, and on Yandex.Money obligatory identification of the owner of the purse is not carried out. The verification process is carried out only at the request of the user.

Lenders are not interested in issuing loans in Yandex.Money. You can understand them, because almost there is no guarantee that they will come back. Loans in this case is built only on trust, no return mechanisms in the system. For example, in WebMoney, you can obtain the documents of the debtor and to handle them in court, and is the loan agreement.

Ways of obtaining a loan in Yandex.Money

Sites which spetsializiruyutsya for lending Yandex.Money, are not loyal conditions. Interest rates exceed 1.5-2% per day (from 540 to 730% per year). Often significantly restricted and the amount of loan they can be only 350-1000 R.

So, the loan on Yandex.Money provides microfinance organization MoneyMan. A prerequisite of the loan is identified purse. To pass verification through the credit reporting Agency Equifax or through the salons Euroset.

To obtain a loan in MoneyMan have to fill out an application on the website and then verify it using SMS. The application is reviewed within minutes, and loans transferred to the account immediately. The maximum amount of loan - 15000 p., to 14 days. The overpayment on such loan is rather big. For example, if you arrange a loan for 6000 p. for 5 days, will have to return to 750 p. more.

Another way to get a loan is making it through WebMoney, then convert e-money in Yandex.Money. However, this is hardly advisable, because in addition to interest on the loan, the money will be lost on conversion. In this case you can pay and WebMoney, that is, such a loan makes no sense.

Please note that when receiving the credit it is possible to stumble on the Scam. They offer to take the credit only under an advanced listing fee for the loan. The percentage will depend on the amount of lending. Many borrowers have paid the Commission, but the loan money was never received.