You should read all product which are going to analyze, because it affects the correctness and the clarity of the result. Most likely it will be a classic, describing an abundance of social and moral issues, is multifaceted and controversial work of the writer. Maybe something modern, relevant and dynamic. The selection of works is up to you.
Start your book report with the formulation of the General theme works, describe the affected by the author of the problem, expand the main ideas. Try not to disturb the logic of his argument, Express thoughts in sequence, not jumping from one thought to another.
Pay attention to the peculiar genre creation. For example, your Gogol's “Dead souls” he called the poem, despite all the rules, and “Eugene Onegin” was described by Pushkin's novel in verse. In Russian literature of such cases mass. Among other things, a description of the linguistic characteristics of the narrative inherent in this author, and of means of artistic expression used by them is not excessive.
On make description of artistic images presented in the work is another part of the analysis, requiring significant reasoning. The literature is filled with ordinary and conventional types of people, habits, and habits which has society today, and sometimes unusual and surprising characters. So try most to describe in detail and give their assessment of the characters.
After you smoothly to the plot of a work, touch his conflict, describe the conclusions and decisions adopted either by the author or a character, from whose face the problematic issues are raised. The advantage will be presenting their views on this issue.
In completing your analysis, write about the importance and significance of the works in the artist's work, about the contribution that introduced them to Russian and world literature. Depending on the required scope of the analysis in this part, you can insert some details from the writer's life, especially his life.
Check the text for grammar and spelling errors. Edit all points. Correctly enter changes, if necessary. Try to achieve uniformity and integrity of the overall narrative.