You will need
  • - material research;
  • - publishing in journals certified by the WAC;
  • computer;
  • - the ability to competently Express thoughts;
Correctly and clearly identify the name and topic of study. So how exactly the title will be evaluated by the thesis first saw her people, is very important.
Keep in mind that the thesis for the degree of doctor of Sciences should be a full and complete study with the involvement of new techniques and theories developed directly by you.
Concisely and clearly state the goals and objectives of the study, on the basis of which you conclude in the end. These sections are more appropriate and easier to write after writing the results and discussion.
The total volume of the dissertation without appendices and bibliography) should be at least 200 pages. Welcomed by a standard format consisting of a brief introduction, literature review, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusions.
Section of materials and methods describe in detail, this will allow other research groups to repeat details all of the experiments in the future. Especially clearly needs to given descriptions of unique methods.
Try to keep the text in the main part of the work was understandable to a wide circle of readers, not just your colleagues. Construct simple sentences, let's decrypt the abbreviations used, to supply the text with links to sources and illustrations. Welcome collation of data in the form of diagrams and tables, which greatly simplifies the search for necessary information in the text.
Since in this dissertation it is difficult to do without new theories, they must be fully justified and supported by experimental and statistical data, to meet the modern paradigm.
In the discussion of the results focus on practical and scientific value of the study, give a General evaluation results. Describe the prospects and directions of their use.
A section of conclusions should be fully consistent with the goals and objectives.