Select the thesis Committee and stand in the queue for protection. Perhaps your institution has its own Council and some of its members specializing in your topic. If not your Board will have to establish new relationships.
Imagine the work in the dissertation Council, which will issue an opinion on your monograph. The Council will assess the relevance, novelty, the degree of participation of the author in scientific research. The decision is issued no later than 3 months prior to the day of protection.
Prepare the abstract. It should be published in pamphlet volume two of the printed sheet and include main ideas and conclusions of the thesis.
Send the abstract on the base of Russian libraries, Council members, interested persons and organizations. Send in advance, no less than the month before. Save the receipts of the post office, they indicate the date of mailing, so for you they will be the supporting document.
Collect a set of reviews. Feedback on the thesis you should receive from leading organizations from the three official opponents. In the abstract you have to get reviews of four or five recipients. As the leading organization select a quality establishment. Get opinion signed by the head of the organization fixed the official seal. Finished reviews will go through approval at a meeting of the Department or the Academic Council. Take the extract of the minutes with a date not later than two weeks before the time of protection.
Prepare for protection. Perhaps when defending there will be some questions that will need answering.
Prepare documents to the Higher attestation Commission of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation. The academic degree is conferred on the meeting of the dissertation Committee after the public defense of the doctoral dissertation. But the final word is for the Higher attestation Commission.