What is abstract and how to write it

The abstract has a fixed frame clearance, which are determined by the Higher attestation Commission. Therefore, it is useful to go to the WAC website and carefully read all information on registration abstract. You can also download the GOST R 7.0.11-2011, in accordance with which you will execute the text. Please remember that your abstract is the "face" of the thesis, and it will be read by all members of the dissertation Council. A rigid structure is one of the prerequisites of writing an abstract.

Title page

The title page should contain the title of the work, specialty code, city name, which will be a protection. In the upper right corner you need to sign, otherwise the abstract will not be considered valid. On the reverse side of the title page is specified on the basis of educational institutions completed work, Department, name of the supervisor, information about the official opponents, leading organization, date, place and time of protection. Also on this page must be signed by the academic Secretary of the dissertation Council, which will be a protection. When you specify dissertation Council, be sure to write his number. The date of mailing of the abstract is indicated in the lower left corner.

The structure of the abstract

The structure of the thesis consists of an introductory and main part, followed by the list of publications, consisting of articles in scientific journals recommended by the Higher attestation Commission of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation. The introductory part is a General description of the work, including the relevance of the study, scientific novelty, object, subject, purpose, material and methodological basis of the study. Separately it is necessary to designate a phased methodology that you used in the analysis of the material. In the introductory part is also determined by the theoretical and practical significance of the thesis, specify where and how were tested the results of the study. Be sure to write provisions for the thesis defense. This is an important part of the abstract, as it reflects in condensed form the results of the study. In conclusion, the introductory part briefly describes the structure of the work.

The main part is the content of the work. You must write the name of each of the chapters and paragraphs. Further information is given on the content of the Chapter, its theoretical and practical content. You can include text, tables, diagrams and illustrations for better visual perception of the material.

Note the appearance of an abstract. Accuracy and high print quality – an indicator of your serious attitude to study. In the printing, offering a variety of colors for the cover, but it is better to choose a soft monochromatic scheme. If you are writing your abstract, stick to the strictly scientific style. If you doubt the level of its stylistic literacy will help to editor printing, which not only checks the text but also generate the layout of an abstract.