Stop panicking.

First, let's just calm down and remember that you are not the first person to have this problem. And, in the end, it's not the end of the world.
Make a plan.

After this point you will realize that it's not so bad if to write strictly on the listed items. In the course of these paragraphs are the introduction, main part, conclusion and list of used sources and literature.
Search for information.

And here I would have to torment, as I will have to deal with all literature offered for the subject work. It can be of numerous monographs, articles from journals, or even someone's memoirs... the Main thing is to be able to understand them with the help of different scientific methods: content analysis, historicocritical method, etc.
Create a whole text.

From the literature, of course, you will receive lots of useful facts, but the course still involves more than just listing them, and your research – the newness you will bring to science. For this you need to make beautiful, well-designed text based on causal relationships between semantic units.
The introduction and conclusion.

Naturally, the conclusion is written at the end, but you will be surprised to learn that introduction, too, because in the process of writing a term paper goals and objectives that you would have originally stated in the introduction, could change. Therefore, it is better to fit it all in the end. To these points should be taken particularly seriously, because when defending the Commission pays attention to them, because the introduction sets goals and objectives of the study, and in conclusion answers and show the results of investigational work.

Especially picky about the footnotes on the sources and literature, so be especially careful when you to arrange. Also do not forget that some institutions work is checked for plagiarism, so you should be careful.