You will need
  • Computer, video card, CPU-Z, Internet access
To do this, use the program CPU-Z designed for Windows operating system. This program is quite small, and it is absolutely free to download from the manufacturer's website. By the way, these two reasons make it so popular among network users. To download the program, install Internet connection and open the browser.
In the browser window in the address field enter the address of the website: and press the Enter key. Or type "CPU-Z" into the search box of any search engine and click on the found link.
After go to the website of the manufacturer, look on the right side of the page section "Download the last release". In this section you will see options for downloading the program. You need a variant that contains the word "setup, english".
Feel free to press the link. You go to the download page. Click on the "Download now" and start downloading programs. When the program has fully loaded, start it. In the menu of the installation program read the license agreement. Select the folder for installation. Specify the name of the shortcut to the program in the start menu and install the program.
After installing the program, run it. In the opened window you will see several tabs. Each of these tabs is responsible for a certain type of hardware installed on the computer. By default, the program displays the contents tab of CPU. Select the tab "Graphics". To do this, click on it with the left mouse button. On the tab you will see three sections that describe different parameters of your video card.
The GPU section just contains information about the typeof e your graphics card. In the Name field displays the type of the model of the video card. The Code Name contains information about code name of the technology used in the GPU.