You will need
  • Salt, baking soda, bleach, dishwashing detergent, vinegar
If the food is burnt in an enamelled saucepan, then you need to boil it with strong solution of salt and soda. And leave overnight to soak. In the morning clean with a brush Nagar. If the departed not all, repeat the procedure. It is not necessary to clean the pot with abrasive powder. Under such influences peeled off part of the enamel and subsequently in the saucepan is always to cook food.
To whiten the saucepan after cleaning, sterilize it with a solution of ordinary bleach for linen. For example, barefoot or Persia. Thoroughly wash pan after this procedure.
Burnt food, you can clean more way. Boil the pan in a solution of a large number of detectors. Then scour Nagar stiff sponge. This method is good because the dishwashing liquid will clean as well and the dark stains on light enamel pans.
As our grandmothers used only natural ways to save dishes. For example, burnt cereal is well departed, if you boil a pot of purified onion. Don't be afraid of the smell, it will disappear when the onion is cooked.
Here is another way in which you can do without chemistry. Pots and kettles are becoming a fresh new look and get rid of the dark streaks, if they be boiled with peelings from the apples, adding lemon juice or citric acid solution. If the pot is not enameled, and aluminum or cast iron, you can add the vinegar. This will return it to its original sparkling appearance. If there is enamel, vinegar is better not to use - it damages the coating.
Pans with Teflon coating need to soak and boil with a non-alkaline solutions as long as will not depart residue. In any case, not cleans their powders and tools with an abrasive surface. Along with the Nagara and you will get rid of Teflon coating.