You will need
  • - Detergent
  • - Sponge
  • - Water
  • - Baking soda
  • - Carbonated drink
  • - Tooth powder
Method of cleaning pans from the ingrained dirt depends on the material from which it is made.
Enameled pans to clean easier, but may damage enamel when it is necessary to follow a few rules. Do not fill a pot immediately after the burning with cold water. Enamel afraid of extreme temperatures, can go from this cracks. So let the pot cool before trying to remove the residue. Fill the bottom of the pan with a little water, add baking soda, boil the mixture on very low heat for 25-30 minutes. After that, the dirt is easy to fall behind from the bottom, it can be removed with a sponge and detergent.
Never RUB enamelware wire brushes, nets, and certainly not otkovyryat Nagar with a knife and other sharp objects. Tender enamel is easily broken off, a broken pot cannot be used for cooking and storing in it.
The pan is made of stainless steel or any other chemically resistant metal can be cleaned with plain soda. Just pour in the pan sprite, coke, or any similar drink, leave at night for effect and in the morning you will be amazed poluchivshimsya result.
The same aluminum pots should not be exposed to harsh chemicals and strong friction. Come to the rescue of little half-forgotten by all of us tooth powder. Just dampen the contaminated surface, sprinkle it with tooth powder, leave overnight. In the morning you can remove the dirt with a simple flick of a finger. That aluminum pans were shining, you can wipe them with a sponge dipped in acetic acid, but it is better not to do it. Acid, you wash away the oxide film that protects the food from contact with the chemically stable aluminum. For this reason, should not be stored in aluminum pots soup and sour fruit drinks.
Than perienee you will relate to her cooking, the longer they will last.