You will need
  • Soft sponge
  • Lemon juice
  • Soda
  • Ammonia
  • Water
  • Detergent for dishes
  • Soft rag
Knives and forks after the usual lunch or dinner you can just wash with the normal detergent for dishes. For daily care of utensils made of stainless steel this is usually sufficient in the case, if the dishes were not very greasy.
Spread 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a glass of water. Moisten a sponge with the solution and wipe the extra tough spots. After that rinse the product under warm running water and dry.
Grease stains are well cleaned with baking soda. On a sponge or soft cloth dial a bit of baking soda and wipe the dirty place. Wash the fork or the knife under running warm water and lay out to dry.
For General cleaning in the kitchen you can make a solution of ammonia. 5-10 drops of ammonia dissolve in a liter of water. Wipe this solution all the product. After such a bath the pots will look like new.
If the pan is burnt food – we need radical measures. In any case not better come scoop up from the bottom that clung to him. Stainless steel, of course, will not crack and not obovetsya, but the pristine Shine is lost forever. The most severe case is a burnt mess. On the bottom pour a handful of salt so that it covered all the burnt places. Leave the pan alone and after wash. If burnt milk, you will need activated charcoal. Pound it into powder and fill the bottom, and a quarter of an hour wash the pan. After this the dishes, wipe water with lemon juice and rinse with warm water.