The allowance for maternity leave is paid by the employer. The size of his average earnings, which is calculated cumulatively for 70 calendar days before birth (if multiple pregnancy, on the basis of 84 days) and 70 days at birth in case of complications during childbirth (86 days, if twins were born - 110 days). For working women the maternity benefit and maternity leave is set at 100% of average earnings. But there is a "ceiling" on the amount – not more 38562р. per month. Charged after giving sick list.
Unemployed women are eligible for the following types of cash payments: lump-sum allowance for child birth — 11703р. 13k. and monthly allowance for child care up to six years. Housewives will be able to get every month for the first child - 2194р. 34k., on the second, third, etc. — 4388р. 67k. Twins and pohodkoj benefits are summarized.
If you are fired in connection with the liquidation of the company, the benefit you will receive in Social security, but you need to register at the labor exchange. All types of benefits obtained in the bodies of social protection at the place of residence. Required documents: statement on the allowance, sick leave.
If you stood on the account on pregnancy in the period up to 12 weeks, we are entitled to an additional benefit – 438р. 87к. Required documents: certificate from medical institutions, the statement on granting of the benefit in any form.
A lump sum based on the birth or adoption of a child) is paid to one of parents (adoptive parents, guardians) in the amount of 11703р. 13k. If two children, the amount is doubled. Documents: application for the allowance, a certificate of birth from the Registrar's office form No. 24 (issued upon registration of the child in the registry office instead of a certificate from the hospital) or a certificate of adoption; certificate of employment of the other parent about what benefits he was not charged; a copy of the birth certificate; an extract from the work record, if the parents are not working.
If you are a wife of a soldier, you are eligible for two benefits: a lump sum to the pregnant wife of a military man on an appeal - 18533р., as well as a monthly allowance to mothers of children of soldiers from birth and up to 3 years – 7943р.
Mother (a Russian citizen) has the right to receive a certificate for maternity capital in the amount of 365 700 rubles for the birth of the second child (too the citizen of Russia) if this child was born or adopted in the period from 2007 to 2016. And no matter where they live, and from whom is born the child.
The certificate can also be obtained on the third or fourth child, if not received on a second (or third). The certificate is issued and in the case of twins, it is only necessary to determine which child was born second.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to count on the parent capital if the child died in childbirth. But I have to give, if the child died in the first week of life (in such cases the birth certificate is issued). To obtain a certificate you will need: passport, citizenship and residence of mother, birth certificate of the child or certificate of adoption; the child's nationality. All of these documents you must give to the Pension Fund at the place of residence. You can send notarized documents by mail.