Reaction the skin test is evaluated strictly in 72 hours after tuberculin injection, and estimates the health worker. Try to check that the measurements of the samples were produced on time.
The measurement is performed with a ruler, positioning it perpendicular to the axis of the forearm. So measure the size of the papule – swelling of the skin in the area of injection of tuberculin. If the papule is absent, estimate the reddening of the skin (hyperemia).
Negative reaction the skin test is called a complete lack of any response of the body, respectively, in the injection is only from the injectors. The dubious result is a papule with a diameter of 2-4 mm or only hyperemia. The reaction of 5 mm or more having a positive reaction, if the size of the papule is greater than 17 mm, then such reaction is called a hyperergic.
Usually in children vaccinated against tuberculosis in the hospital, the first 5 years there is a positive reaction of Mantu, which fades over time. If it is negative, it indicates that the vaccination was ineffective in this case, vaccination must be repeated.
Hyperergic reaction, swollen lymph nodes, a red mark from the sample test to the elbow, and the appearance of bubbles in the area of sample introduction can attest to the fact that there was an infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. If your child has such a reaction, contact your TB doctor, he will appreciate it, is the true response or the false, will appoint the necessary additional examination.