There is not one way to obtain permanent residence in Thailand. For this it is necessary to correct long term visa for Thailand, to reside there for at least 3 years, then get the residence permit. Having only lived in the country for at least 10 years with a residence permit, you can obtain citizenship. The residence permit can be obtained at the police Department for work with foreign citizens at the Consulate of Thailand. Every year visa, get a residence permit, it will be necessary to renew – it is given for a period of one year.
To the candidates, apart from having a residence permit, placed high enough requirements: permanent residence in Thailand for at least 5 years, age at least 21 years old, knowledge of the Thai language, at least basics, no criminal records within Thailand. You must also have the paid receipts for registration of all documents (in total about 10,000 baht).
How to get a residence permit? One popular ways is starting your own business. Note that a visa does not give the right to work – it would require a separate solution, which, in turn, does not provide a right to stay in the country. To work, you need both documents. You can obtain a residence permit if you enter the guide (this is mandatory!) the company opening in Thailand, a representative office or subsidiary company, or participate in an investment project when the investment amount is not less than 200 000 $.
Another option is marriage to a citizen (citizen) of Thailand. There are some difficulties: a foreigner who marries a Thai, gets residency and the prospect to get citizenship immediately, whereas a foreigner married to a Thai, gets only the residence permit and the right to work, and his wife's citizenship loses. Only lived together for 12 years, the couple will be eligible to apply for citizenship. Their children do not have citizenship, but getting it normally without a problem.
You can obtain a residence permit if you plan to study in Thailand: foreigners can obtain primary, secondary and higher education, to participate in scientific activities.
In addition, Thailand will allow you to obtain a residence permit experts, counselors, missionaries and other public servants that have value to the government of Thailand, as well as people who have retired upon reaching a certain age and get it in the country.