You will need
  • You will need:
  • - embroidery floss;
  • - the pin.
Weave bracelet from embroidery floss on their own under force even to the beginner. The pattern of thread vyputatsya knots tied in different ways and in a certain sequence. To start is to learn the simple and clear scheme of weaving bracelets from embroidery floss. For example, braiding oblique way. Take 6 thread floss length approximately 4 times more than the required length of the finished product (keep in mind the stock strings for the bracelet). For example, let it be the thread of three colors, two of each color. Tie thread in a knot and secure on the working surface – for example, pin a safety pin to the back of the sofa. Weave the thread into the braid a few inches long, this is one of the ties of the future bracelet.
Next, go to netting the most baubles to lay the thread on the work surface by color. Take the first string and tie her two knots around the second thread. Similarly, tie the first string to the third, fourth, etc. After you pass a number, again detach the left of the thread and begin to weave the second row. Thus, from left to right you will weave row by row, extending the bracelet. When the bracelet reaches the desired length, weave the thread into the braid to make a second tie and end tie a knot. The bracelet is ready.
Direct weaving a little harder squint, therefore, to master it, will have to show perseverance and patience. But in this way it is possible to produce more interesting and complex bracelets, make the names or pictures. Begin braiding this bracelet follows as in the previous case: secure the thread and weave the braid. Take the first left thread – she'll be leading throughout the netting (it in advance it is better to do longer than the other). Weave thread of the first series, and then it appetite the main thread in the opposite direction, forming a second row. Also vyplatit and the remaining rows, without changing the leading thread.
When you reach the point of weaving of the pattern or letters instead of braid strand the leading strand, appetite a lead core, thereby changing the color of the knot. It is important to knit these knots in the opposite direction to the leading thread and the next could continue to weave.