You will need
  • Thread, beads, glass beads, braid, embroidery floss, pins, clips.
Braid bracelets out of any available materials (thread, beads, beads, etc.). It is best to weave under the scheme. Without it, "to the eye , tie knots in a certain order will not work. Find a diagram or draw it yourself on the sheet in the box.
Some Internet resources are generation schemes at your request. For example, the schema any name you need offered on this site:
For weaving patterns, ornaments, drawings, names can be used in different number of colors: two to infinity. Decide on the scheme, what colors of thread you need and prepare them. Take the colors specified in the diagram, it is not necessary. Choose the ones which are available, or what more like. But in any case, quantitatively, the colors must match.
Gather in a knot all the threads, so they do not unravel. Then attach them in the order shown in the diagram. You can pin anywhere and on anything: stationery "crocodile , tape, safety pin, paperclip pants, tablet, table, etc.
Thread head length less than a meter, they have to be 4.5 times as long as the future baubles. But if you are going to knit the pattern, the background thread is not cut at all. Let it go from the ball: it will need a lot of and to determine the size for her is simply unrealistic. In case of error in calculation of length enough to tie another thread.
Almost any diagram, the arrows show the direction of movement of the thread during the knitting of knots. The diagonal arrow pointing to the right, means interlocking double knot the thread to the left to the right. The arrow in the opposite direction, knitting the same host thread, the right, to the left. Broken arrow in one direction or another means braiding a single node in one direction, and the second single to the opposite direction. Follow these instructions during operation.
For drawing the thread loop, and then tie it to the knots of the color that is the background. If you want to start the loop you just vivacite node thread framework instead of the main thread.
In the case of adding a third color to tie the main threads of new and vymazyvaja it the required number of nodes. The main thread thus leave behind on the reverse side. When she you need me again, again picked up her. Wrong side, of course, will look not very aesthetically pleasing, but the picture on the front side will appreciate the extraordinary.