Take for bracelet embroidery floss. You should have 4 strands of one color (e.g., white) and 4 strands of a different color (e.g., blue). The length of each thread should be 100 cm.
Tie a bundle of threads at the knotted end and pin it on the pillow or the back of the sofa with a safety pin. For bracelet post threads serially – alternating blue and white thread.
Bracelet in macramé woven with a looped using a simple the right site. The leftmost thread at the follow-up right thread tie the two right hinge node. Continue to twine double looped right nodes of each thread until you reach the end of the row.
Go back to the left thread will be the thread the next color. Repeat the previous step – start to braid the thread using the right hinge node, all subsequent threads from left to right. Continue stitching forming diagonal lines smooth solid nodules.
Doplatit bracelet to the desired length, wearing it on your wrist, then tie the end knot and weave the remaining tail of yarnto make ties.
In this bracelet you can weave beads, as well as increase the number of threads and colors to your bracelet was wider and mnogocwetnye. The same principle can be used to produce bookmarks and ribbons of any length and width – it all depends on your skill, perseverance and speed.