Advice 1: How to make bracelets out of yarn?

Diverse styles of weaving from yarn passed down since ancient times from generation to generation of knitters. One of the most common techniques of weaving used to create a variety of decorations and jewelry is macramé. Using a macrame technique, possible to weave unusual and beautiful bracelets, and to use the obtained woven strips as bookmarks, decorative lace and handles for bags and backpacks.
How to make bracelets out of yarn?
Take for bracelet embroidery floss. You should have 4 strands of one color (e.g., white) and 4 strands of a different color (e.g., blue). The length of each thread should be 100 cm.
Tie a bundle of threads at the knotted end and pin it on the pillow or the back of the sofa with a safety pin. For bracelet post threads serially – alternating blue and white thread.
Bracelet in macramé woven with a looped using a simple the right site. The leftmost thread at the follow-up right thread tie the two right hinge node. Continue to twine double looped right nodes of each thread until you reach the end of the row.
Go back to the left thread will be the thread the next color. Repeat the previous step – start to braid the thread using the right hinge node, all subsequent threads from left to right. Continue stitching forming diagonal lines smooth solid nodules.
Doplatit bracelet to the desired length, wearing it on your wrist, then tie the end knot and weave the remaining tail of yarnto make ties.
In this bracelet you can weave beads, as well as increase the number of threads and colors to your bracelet was wider and mnogocwetnye. The same principle can be used to produce bookmarks and ribbons of any length and width – it all depends on your skill, perseverance and speed.

Advice 2: How to make bracelets from ribbons

Satin ribbons can be not only decorative edging for bags, dresses and embroidery – they can become quite independent decoration. Ribbons can not only embroider, but to weave a strong and beautiful bracelets and baubles. In this article we will discuss a simple and widely accessible technique of bracelets from narrow satin ribbons. Based on this weave, you will be able to come up with a variety of products and decorations.
How to make bracelets from ribbons
You will need
  • satin ribbon;
  • pin;
  • a pair of scissors.
Take two long satin strips of equal width. For starters, you will need two ribbons of different colors, such as black and orange. The length of each ribbon must be at least one meter.
Fold the ends of two strips together and tie a knot with a loop. Then on each tape make 2 loops no more than 10-15 cm in length and put them on top of each other. Place the loop on a black ribbon loop on the orange tape and tighten the orange loop.
Then again make a loop on the orange tape. Put it in a black eyelet and tighten the black ribbon. You will be in the hands of the orange loop, which we need again to lay down the black loop.
Thread the black loop in orange, and tighten the orange loop. Do the orange loop, and then thread it into the black loop and tighten. Continue to weave the bracelet, alternately changing and tightening the loop until the bracelet reaches the desired length.
Pull the loop of the same length and tighten them not too hard so that the pattern of the bracelet was accurate, and the ribbons were intertwined exactly the same.
At first, the end loops you can record based on the pin so as not to lose it. In the end, you should get the string with the original square weave. At the end of the baubles tie a regular knot.
With this weave you can do as an independent bracelets and ribbons for bags and garments, as well as, braid, woven so you can decorate various interior items – flower pots, glasses for pens and pencils, and more.
As a material for bracelets can be used not only ribbons, but lace.
Useful advice
The bracelet was smooth, you need to use ribbons of the same size.

Advice 3: What does the red thread on the wrist

"Tie these strands around your wrist and you will be happy, happy, happy" singer pink in her new video for the song "Happiness". What does the red thread tied on the wrist? Knowing some facts can come to interesting conclusions.
What does the red thread on the wrist


Red string of fate

In China and Japan there is a myth that a red thread connects the fate of the lovers. However, the thread in this case imaginary and tied at the ankles (in China) and little fingers (in Japan) two people who are soon destined to be together.

According to legend, controls the thread man, Walao, he pulls some strings, and loving people. Some proponents of the myth of the fateful threads really tie the thread in a sign of eternal love and devotion.


Red string on right wrist

The ancient Slavs believed the red color is a symbol of health and well-being, so tied a red woolen thread on the right wrist to attract good luck. The thread was not to give and take, even during hygiene procedures.

Wove the thread on the growing moon. The ritual of tying thread trust the youngest girl from a family that was supposed to be a virgin.

The thread must be woven from natural wool. Because the heart pulse is best felt at the wrist, it was believed that the wool is able to calm the raging blood. Still some people suffering from hypertension, apply a bandage made of red wool threads, to reduce the pressure.

In Hindu temples the red thread (called "the moth") has a similar meaning. Her tie unmarried women at the exit of the temple, as a symbol that the girl visited a Holy place and are now clean before God and her future husband.


The red thread on left wrist

Many stars of show business wearing the red thread on left wrist. An example is the foreign singer Madonna is a fan of Jewish esoteric religious movement Kabbalah.

According to Kabbalistic theory, the left wrist is a kind of "entrance" for different energies, including the negative. To protect yourself from bad energy and evil eye helps ward of red thread or cord, tied in seven knots.

Any red band will not fit. Holy is only the thread, which was acquired in the Israeli town of Netivot or in the centers of Kabbalah. To tie an amulet needs a person who genuinely loves you: a parent or spouse. During the ritual, the person tie a thread needs to read the prayer Ben Porat.

To believe or not to believe is up to each person. However, Orthodox Christianity, for example, strongly opposed to all pagan amulets, recognizing the only protection for the believer cross and God's grace.

Any ritual should not be treated mindlessly, paying tribute to fashion or the persuasion of friends. Only after receiving all necessary and accurate information, you can decide whether you need it or not.


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