Thread take such that their length is 4 times the length of the finished baubles. You will need 2 red strings, 2 black strands and 2 white strands. The length of each filament should be 100-120 cm.
Tie all strands in a knot and pin with a safety pin to the knee of jeans or a pillow. Flatten the bone, dividing all the colors in the correct order.
The extreme left red thread tie a double knot in the next second the red thread. Continue to the end of the filament exiting the knot, tie the remaining thread in a row, making around each filament at 2 knots.
After finishing a row, you will see that the end of the first red thread is moved to the right, and you get a diagonal line of knots.
Go to the thread, which ended up with the left edge of the row – this should be your second red thread.
Tie this thread the following thread with a double knot and keep the knots to the end of the row. Thus, in the end you will close the two ends of the red strands, and the left will be extreme white thread.
Continue to tie knots from left to right, each subsequent thread forming a diagonal line of knots. Make the knots tidy and the same, so the weave was smooth and beautiful. Tighten knots with equal force.
When you duplicate baubles to the end, tie a knot, and the end of the braid into a pigtail.