You will need
  • Spoiler, double sided tape, screwdriver, screws, pencil, tape measure.
First of all, you should think carefully about whether to install on your car spoiler. If you own a luxury vehicle, sport spoiler would be a very doubtful look on such a machine. Try to make the computer program sketch of your car with installed spoilerohms, so you can see how the car will look with this item.
Now you need to choose a spoiler. Currently the automobile you can find a large assortment of spoilers of various types. If you have already installed on the car a sporty bodykit, the spoiler must be selected in harmony with the body kit. Many stores have computers that have installed special program. She is able to show you how it will look in your chosen spoiler on your car. It is better to buy an unpainted spoilerto match the paint color with the car body.
You need to pre-fitting the spoiler. Install it on the trunk. Sure that he was symmetrically located. Distance to the edges of the trunk on each side must be the same. Carefully mark where the spoiler will attach. If you are planning to remove the spoiler, you can put it on the glue. Note, however, that this mounting method is highly unreliable. At high speed the spoiler isglued with adhesive to the trunk may break.
It is best to mount the spoiler on the screws and duplicate double-sided tape. Mark the points where to drill out the holes for the screws. Then remove the inner trunk lining. Carefully drill the holes under the screws. Try not to break the paintwork of the car. Treat the holes with anti-corrosive composition. On the face of the spoilerand that will be in contact with the trunk, apply double sided tape. Then set the spoiler on the trunk according to the markings made. Carefully press it to the trunk, to the double sided tape she managed to catch. Now with the internal side of the trunk, tighten the screws until they stop. Check is tight spoiler.