Understand his psychology. Men differ from women, they think and feel differently. Because of this, you may not be understanding. Male refers to your efforts, your requests, your feelings not the way you want to, not because he didn't care, but because he is built that way. This is well says Jack gray in his book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus".
Don't limit yourself and do not try to control her husband. For men of great importance to his freedom. It is very important to be alone with my thoughts, doing things you love. If it is once a week wants to meet with his friends, allow that to reach an understanding with her husband. You can also go with their friends in a cafe, to go to the gym or find a new hobby.
Take husband the way he is. Don't try to change her husband for themselves. Every man has his faults. Once you married this man married – so, you like certain qualities in him. So try to see them as just good, turning a blind eye to the shortcomings. If you seriously don't like some of his actions, then calmly talk to the husband and in detail explain what you want from it and what does it do.
Don't Harbor a grudge against her husband. If you will be silent all the time, accumulating all the negativity, you reach an understanding with the husband will not succeed. At one point, you fall through and derision, and her husband does not understand why. Speak up, when this particular call the reason for your dissatisfaction, not raising his voice.
Learn to communicate and listen. Sometimes the understanding between the spouses disappears due to the fact that they talk less, or just kill each other. Wife busy with the children and their household chores, and the husband disappears in the garage or watching TV. Give each other more time for communication. Go as a couple take a stroll in the Park or in a restaurant and talk.
Leave business problems at the workplace. Yesterday you come home and see my husband watching TV, to come and kiss him. And today because of problems at work you come home and snap at my husband that he was again sitting in front of TV and doing nothing. If there is no understanding with the husband, then first of all search for the reason in yourself, in your mood. Women are known for mood swings and increased aggression in certain days, so in some cases the husband may not be with.