Whole milk is very fatty, so you have to understand that as a result you get a fat thick cream, which can be added to the soups. So, to get this product, you must first separate the cream. If a bit of milk, then the cream is removed, defending the milk. Pour milk in a glass jar and refrigerate so that it is not too soon soured. The next day carefully take it out and deep with a spoon remove the cream that will emerge during this time up (the so-called tops).
In farms, which keep a few dairy cows, without a special device - a separator is not necessary. Banishing the milk through the separator, the hostess gets the cream, which takes the whole fat and skimmed milk - skimmed milk. This method is much more effective than removing inches - cream turns out more.
To cream to sour cream, you need to put them to fermentation. Not necessarily to leave them at room temperature. They turn sour in the fridge, although it will take a little more time. But in the second case the cream does not exfoliate, the cream will turn out smooth.
There is another way to make sour cream at home. It is suitable for those who are watching their figure and accustomed to the taste purchase sour cream. In this case, the fat content of the cream is easy to adjust - you will know exactly what percentage of fat in milk. So, pour milk in a jar and leave at room temperature for a couple of days (if the room is warm, it will turn sour in 1 day). Do not stir during the whole time of souring. When the bottom of the banks will appear in the serum about a quarter of the volume of the vessel, and gently pour contents into a colander with small holes or a sieve. Allow the whey to drain for 2-3 hours. Put the curd mass into a bowl for whisking, and whisk well with a whisk. The consistency and taste of this sour cream can not be distinguished from the store.