If you have something you "blurted out" without thinking, but still not caused any serious insults to the young man, better not wait too long. Demonstrating its pride and strength, you exacerbate the problem, which may not be worth a damn. Too long waiting for something, you may lose the chance to explain. Then you already may not want to listen. Therefore, it is not necessary to invent anything or use my feminine wiles. Just go to the guy and ask forgiveness for their stupidity.
In the same case, if your heart was erupting, it was too much, and you are very much hurt a man, give him time to cool down. When his offense is slightly down, he more relaxed you will be met and listen. But too long to apologize still not worth it because you will be misunderstood. Who needs a feisty lady who can't admit their mistakes?
It is always better to apologize in person, meet the man in some convenient place, where nobody would interfere. It is not necessary to apologize or note of apology through a friend. First, it would be cowardice on your part and, secondly, will be involved in your showdown people who know about it do not have. If a guy avoids meeting with you, we can arrange "accidental" meeting with him at a friends party, etc.
When you speak, look the guy in the eye, because aside glance, usually perceived as insincerity and mendacity. Don't forget to call the guy by name. Psychologists believe that it is a prerequisite for establishing contact. Then say that you are very ashamed for saying silly words, that you unjustly offended him that you were upset, and very sorry about that. Can you tell me about how you love this man and what he is good, attentive, kind etc And ask you to forgive. Then stop and wait for forgiveness. Do not try to recount the course of your argument, explain why you could not resist, and, especially, "to translate arrows" on the guy, shifting the blame on his shoulders. It is no good will not result.
Often girls during a touchy conversation with the men resorting to such a strong argument like sobs, as has long been known that most men can't stand the sight of female tears. Can you try and bury yourself in his chest and cry, then hug and kiss. But whether to do it, decide for yourself, because your man may not be related to the accepted stereotype.
If you know your boyfriend, known to you and all of his weaknesses. That means you can use any other form of apology. For example, invite him to dinner and cook his favorite dish. Or give him what he wanted. Send a TEXT with verses, or take it for some crazy thing to do. But in any case, be sincere and show your beloved that you realize his guilt and repent.