Currently, it is realistic to open a business with the minimum investment, or almost without them. For example, a business on the Internet. But if you are still inclined to the "traditional" form of business, it is already possible to identify at least three mandatory cost items: registration of company or entrepreneur, renting of premises and procurement of goods (equipment).
If you will be engaged in registration of a company or entrepreneur yourself, then all your costs are the state fee and notary costs. The state fee for registration of a legal entity currently is 4,000 rubles. A person may register as an individual entrepreneur, by paying 800 rubles. To 1500 rubles goes to the notary. However, doing the registration yourself, you will save money, but will spend a lot of time, so it's time to hire for the registration of their business specialist firm. The firm will register you for 5000-10000 rubles.
The cost of rent depends on the location of your office or store. Accordingly, the closer to the center of Moscow or to elite areas, the higher the rent. The average annual per square meter of the leased premises you will pay from 400$. It will be the cost of the office class (very low class) to CAO. The cost of renting class A office can go up to 1500$ per square meter per year, depending on location. Room for a shop size of 200 sqm in the city center will cost you an average of around 500,000 per month.
The cost of equipment or goods (if you decide to open a shop) certainly depends on the type of your business. In any case, you'll need to equip the office with at least one computer (if you have employees), telephone and other office equipment, as well as "stuff" - paper, stationery. Store owners should take care of the cash register.
Sooner or later your business will grow and you'll need employees. Any office needs a Secretary. His salary now starts at an average of 20,000 rubles per month. Student part time you can hire for 15,000. Accordingly, the more qualified the employee, the more he will have to pay. The salary of sellers and cashiers are now start from 10000-15000 rubles, but this is the minimum which will work low-skilled employees.