Calculate the cost estimate, using one of the methods. The first method is to use a conventional accounting software. So, the program 1C provides the option of calculating the planned and actual costing of different ways.
The second option is to use a specialized program for a calculation. These programs are not designed for conducting full accounting, and only serve to calculatoare. The third way is to make the calculation manually.
Select the option that best suits you. In any case, making a routine calculation, try to anticipate all possible costs: raw materials, costs of electricity, rent per unit of production, wages of personnel, taxes on payroll, transportation, commercial, General and other expenses. In this sense, it is easier to make actual costingwhen all the expenses have already been made, it remains only to calculate the proportion per unit of production.In conclusion, we note that the calculation is considered a qualified accounting operation that requires specific knowledge, skills and experience. Think, perhaps, the most simple option is to hire a accountant's calculator?