The booking process is simple. Go to any website for the online sale of tickets recorded on it. Then enter the points of departure and arrival (to destination), pick a date, time, airline name and click "book". On this page you will need to enter passenger details, method and place of delivery. After that, the company's managers will contact you and clarify the methods of payment and when you pay for the ticket.
For not very experienced in flying recall that there are 3 classes of service: first, business and economy class. But not everyone knows about the booking classes. These classes differ in the ability to change the flight schedule of ticket and many other features. So, the plane in the same class of service can fly passengers who have paid different amount for 1 ticket. Moreover, the difference is significant. So the passenger who bought the ticket booking class Y $ 1,200 in economy class will be able to change the date of flight throughout the years, fly the plane to another airline, return portion of the ticket and so on. All he can do not paying fines. To redeem the ticket, he will be able on the day of departure.
Ticketsbooked in V-class will cost 400 dollars, but to return the ticket or change the date without penalty will not work. At the same time, you can book your ticket not earlier than 2 months, and redeem no later than 3 days before departure.
Next in the chair with the two previous passengers can take a passenger who paid $ 300. This booking class T. Here even more restrictions, but most importantly to redeem the ticket should be in the day of your reservation. However, he will buy the ticket 4 times cheaper than the passenger with booking class Y. it Is needless to say that they will serve exactly the same?
As for the rules of armor, there are a few General recommendations:1. You need to book in advance to save;2. Cheaper tickets, in which the arrival takes place at night from Saturday to Sunday;3. Buy tickets there and back. Savings amount to more than a third of the cost. Besides, it will save you from unnecessary explanations with customs and other control authorities over visiting;4. The bigger the gap between date of arrival and departure (more than 30 days), the more expensive the tickets;5. As has been said, the cheaper the ticket, the lower booking class, the more fines in the event of a change in date or time of departure.