Understand what an octave. Keyboard synthesizer consists of repeating parts - the octave. Manuals for musical instruments you will find an explanation, as are those parts on the piano keyboard or piano. Remember the names of all octaves.
Using the documentation on synth, find out which octave covers the instrument. The synthesizer can be a different number of octaves, depending on instrument. Have to be 1 octave - it start counting all the other left and right. All the same, as on a piano, only octaves will be less in number. Find the key to" 1st octave. Next to it you should be sitting when you play on the synth.
Find synthesizer fundamental and derived sounds of the 1st octave. In other words, you must know where the 7 sounds and the same sounds with the sharps and flats. Go from sound "to" 1st octave to the right on the keys: C-sharp, re, re sharp, mi, FA, FA sharp, Sol, Sol sharp, La, La sharp, si. Now go down the 1st octave: C, b flat, La, La flat, salt, salt-flat, f, e, e flat, d, d flat, to. When memorize the sounds in order, learn to find them randomly.
Find basic derivatives and sounds of the 1st octave on the stave. Need music books. Stave is 5 lines, on which are written notes. When you play the keyboard you will need knowledge of notes in bass and treble clef. Using manual on read and write music, learn to write all the notes of the 1st octave in the treble clef. Bass clef will need when you start to play with two hands.
Disassemble the keyboard play a familiar song, all the notes which are located in the 1st octave. Now the main task is to learn to "move notes" from the stave to the keyboard synthesizer. A familiar song is used in order to not be distracted by the duration of the sounds. You will play the melody by ear, but to press notes, which are written in teach yourself piano or synthesizer.
Learn the rudiments of music. To parse an unfamiliar melody, the sounds must be understood as determined by the duration of each note. First learn the theory without a tool, learn how to count the duration of notes. Next, do the tutorial for the piano.
Every day practice. It is better to play for 15 minutes every day than for 3 hours once a week.