Perseverance is the most important quality for learning this musical instrument. Playing on the piano will take up your free time, you will have to spend a tremendous amount of strength and energy, but the result will not be able to please.
Buy a few CDs with piano music. Listen to her as often as possible, try to play it by ear. This skill will help you to identify notes, intervals and chords on the fly.
Learn musical notation. Most importantly - a permanent contact with the tool. Play gamut - hand needs to get used to the keys. After more or less tolerable'll learn the notes, proceed to streamlining the game simple melodies - the songbooks. They are given a melody for the right hand. First time play slow, do not chase the result. When you feel the confidence in the fingers, try to play in accordance with the rhythm and tempo of your chosen song. The next step is learn the chords. There are several types of chords, but it is better to start with triads.
It is better to buy your personal instrument, which will stand in the apartment, and any free minute you can play it on various tunes. Do not interfere in the work and the metronome. Using the metronome you can set rhythm - better to start with the size of the "one-two-three-four." After mastering this rhythm accelerate the game to two notes in one account. Practice this exercise until the bitter end, and then move to more complex.
Use an animated program game on a piano. It looks like a video - on schematic of the keyboard indicates the key you want to play the melody. Their sequence you can just visually memorize, and then practice piano. Of course, so learn to play a piano fully is impossible, but to learn some favorite tunes you.