Management setup accompaniment is performed by means of the several keys is the lower octave of the synth. Notation chords relate to notesthat, as a rule, signed on the synth in the left part of the keyboard above the keys. Among the most popular ways to control and synthesizer configuration is worth noting: the envelope setting is used to change the characteristics of sound. Different models of synthesizers include the number of envelopes. Tracking (dynamic and keyboard) is used to control the speed of keystrokes and their positions. Before performing any exercise you need to choose the game mode. The first game mode on the synth – Fingered. In this mode, create a melody impossible, big octave is locked and can be played on synthesizer only chords consisting of three or four chords. In order to be able to hear how a chord sounds, you should consistently press 3-4 sound across the note. If you change the pitch of sounds or sights, the sound of the chord be the same. These chords belong to the automatic accompaniment, they perform exclusively with the left hand. The name of the chord appear on the display of the digital keyboard.In the sound mode Full Range Chord consists of all the keys. If you pinch certain keys or simultaneously press all, you will hear the chord. Auto accompaniment mode CFSio Hord makes it possible without special skills and knowledge to take the chords from 4 types. If you are going to visit the first lesson on learning to play the synthesizer, you should use some tips: above each letter write the numbers 2-4 depending on the number of fingers required for the execution of the chord.Basic notes of a chord is clamped a finger on the left hand, this arrangement will provide easy addition of pressing a few keys. Press the chord should be strictly with the specified style of the text that is marked with the necessary number. Harmony is held until the moment when takes place a change of syllable. If in the future you'll play with the included rhythm, keep the keys is not required.