Experienced mistresses possess various secrets that allow you to keep fresh herbs. First of all, many of us commit a serious mistake and wash the greens before storing. To do this in any case is not worth it, because when washing it heavily damaged. A large part of the greenery is well kept in the refrigerator. For example, for storage perfect vacuum containers or glass jars with plastic lids. Greens can be stored in a plastic bag, if you wrap it in a damp paper towel and cut off the roots.
Some cooks practice an interesting way to store greens: in a jar or a bag of greensYu they put peeled onion or half onion. If you it is important that the herbs do not lose their "commodity" type when serving, you can put it in the fridge, putting down the roots in a jar of water. If, before the important events just few days left do not forget every day to change the water in the pot, and cut the stems an inch.
Parsley, lettuce and fennel are best stored in the refrigerator, but the lemon mint and Basil should be stored at room temperature. Put them in a jar with cold water in a cool place (not the sun). If the greens start to wilt before serving, it can be revived. You simply cut the stems , and put the herbs in cold water. After 10-15 minutes, the greens will again be like new.
All of the above storage methods of green will help you to save the grass for a week and a little more. If you want to save your greens for a longer period, then you can dry. Prepare a flat surface and lay on it bunches of greens. The drying process will take about a week, then greens need to collect and sort packages. To store dried herbs is better at room temperature. Another option for long-term storage of greens - it's freezing. Frozen herbs are available throughout the year to add to soups, meat, fish and any other meals. Greens routed in packages and placed in the freezer. In addition, herbs can be frozen in tins with olive oil. First you cut the greens into small pieces or izmelchitel it in a food processor, then mixed with butter and poured into molds.