Advice 1: How to dry dill for winter

Dill is not the last place in the list of favorite greens of many people. He has a specific fresh taste nice and goes well with many dishes. Sorry, that is not always possible to grow it all year round. However, dill can be dry in winter and is fine to use as a seasoning for food. It is important to remember a few simple rules.
How to dry dill for winter

Preparation for drying


To gather the dill for drying it is necessary in the morning when the dew came down. In any case it is impossible to collect it after rain. Dill absorbs all the excess moisture and drying blackens and spoils.


Place to dry you need to prepare in advance. It should be warm, dark room with good ventilation. Ideal loft or shed.


Drying will be the necessary racks or ropes for hanging.


Drying and storage


There are two ways of drying dill. You can collect it in bundles and hang them on the clothesline. And can be spread in a thin layer on any surface.


Dill should not be dried too long. In good clear weather it dried in 2-3 days. There is a simple test. Dried dill is easily crushed into a powder. If drying the plant too long, it will lose most of the vitamins and not be as flavorful.


To store dill better in the same form in which it was drying, and crush it. In the dried spices contain essential oils when grinding, they evaporate, causing the taste of dill is lost.


To store dill need in a tightly sealed glass or metal pot. If the Bank closed, a spice long retains its flavor.


When cooking, remember that dill must add is not in the process of cooking, and after turning off the fire. In this case, the dish will be filled with a pleasant aroma and the taste of your favorite spices.

Advice 2: How to preserve dill for winter

Fresh dill is often added to salads, soups, main dishes - it gives a special freshness to any dish. In winter you can buy dill at the store, but better to prepare for the cold time prepared their own dill. Save the dill for winter in different ways.
storing fennel

Storage it is best to use young fennel with young stems. Greens should be washed under running water, remove the roots and the extra blades of grass to dry out on a towel.

Prepared dill to dry. For this you need to cut, spread out on a baking sheet, place in oven for 20 minutes. The oven door should be open.

Dried dill can be bundles. For this herbs are tied into small bundles and hang in a dark place. Dill should always be ventilated.

Can be dried and in the fridge. To do this, chopped fresh herbs, placed on a tray, put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. After 2-3 days the fennel is collected in bags and stored in a cool dark place.

A good way to preserve dill is freezing. Clean sprigs laid out on a flat surface and put them in the freezer. For this method, you can use chopped dill, and you can freeze whole sprigs. Frozen twigs become very brittle and easy to mash – it turns out small frozen dill.

Another way to store fennel for the winter is salting. Chopped dill you need to put in a glass jar, filling with coarse salt. Greens tightly compacted and covered with a lid. This product should be stored in the refrigerator. Adding such herbs in your food, you need to remember that it is very salty.

Another method of freezing is making ice cubes with parsley. For this the form of ice fill with chopped greens, fill with water and freeze.

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