Wash the shirt a few times. Perhaps the stickers will not be over, but be careful, as to suffer itself t-shirt becoming unsightly, too zastiranny and, ultimately, unfit for use. That is why, carefully monitor all the processes that is your thing.
Iron the shirt a few times with a steam iron. If you don't have iron, then use a regular pre-bed t-shirt wet gauze. Another variant of thermal impact on the product – heating of the t-shirt a Hairdryer with hot air.
Place the shirt in the freezer for a while, then take it out and try to scour the inscription, which you don't like.
Try to scrub the lettering with t-shirt cloth, liberally soaked in alcohol. Furthermore, in getting rid of unwanted labels can help dishwashing detergent/dishwashing of glasses. Just apply any of the above household chemicals on a sponge or cloth and RUB actively, sparing neither strength nor the time. If the shirt will remain traces of glue, RUB it with sunflower oil. This tool certainly will help you. After rubbing their shirt and get rid of the decals and adhesive residue, wash the product to secure the result.
Come up with something original. If you are a creative person, try to do something with a t-shirt: sew to her the application, make an interesting pattern, paint colors, or a little edit, adding something of themselves, in General, include fantasy. And then you will get original, exclusive thing that you have adorned their hands, and it is the most valuable. The main thing to remember is that your goal is to hide the label, hide it behind other elements.